Newsvine Code of Honor

 Code of Honor shield
  1. Above all else, respect others. Address issues and arguments and refrain from making personal attacks. If you see something disrespectful or inappropriate, report it - rather than further inflaming the situation. More +
    1. Adding a personal attack to an otherwise valuable comment or article serves only to render that contribution invalid in its entirety. Such content is subject to moderation.
    2. Harassment and/or intimidation of others on Newsvine will not be tolerated, and patterns of such behavior may result in account cancelation.
  2. Newsvine's primary purpose is to provide a place for people to share and discuss topics relating to the news. Self-promotion, seeding links to your own site(s), and advertising are not allowed. More +
    1. Posting full articles (using the "Write Article" feature) that also appear on your blog or web site is acceptable but seeding your own stuff is not.
    2. Do not seed links to any sites you're affiliated with.
    3. Posting links to drive traffic elsewhere for personal or financial gain is prohibited.
  3. Headlines should be supported by the information presented in the article/seed, rather than used primarily as a means to draw attention. Articles and seeds must be published to appropriate groups and categories. Tags must be relevant to the article or seed. More +
    1. The ability to categorize content, including clipping, is a privilege that carries with it a responsibility. Publishing or clipping to irrelevant groups and/or entering irrelevant tags is prohibited.
    2. Until additional News Types are supported, indicate the nature of your article/seed in the headline, when appropriate, following the form: "[Type]: [Headline]". This standard applies to the following non-exhaustive list of News Types: Satire, Rumor, Poetry, Comic/Illustration, Review.
    3. Incorrectly classifying an article or seed as "a report or an opinion about recent news" may precipitate article or seed removal and suspension or banning.
  4. As the host of your column, you are expected to foster healthy, open discussions by setting a good example. Be responsible for the content you submit and exercise impartiality when deleting comments and reporting abuse. More +
    1. Plagiarism and copyright infringement will not be tolerated. If you did not write something, do not portray it as your own (use the "blockquote" tag and cite your source by linking to the original content). If you do not have the right to republish the content in question, do not post it to Newsvine.
    2. If a comment contains a personal attack or other gross Code of Honor or User Agreement violation, it may be deleted - regardless of the quality or nature of the rest of the comment. Users are welcome to re-post moderated comments without the offending portion(s).
    3. Do not delete comments based on disagreement; remove only comments that grossly violate the Code of Honor or the User Agreement.
    4. Comments that are grossly off-topic may be deleted. If the majority of the comment is on-topic, then the comment may not be deleted for being off-topic.
  5. Acts that run contrary to the spirit and purpose of Newsvine, including attempts to circumvent the Code of Honor & User Agreement, are not allowed. More +
    1. A user's participation at Newsvine is judged as a whole. Recurring counterproductive behavior or negative contributions - even if not specifically addressed in the Code of Honor or the User Agreement - may still warrant removal of that person from the Newsvine Community.