What's New?

Welcome to the new and improved Newsvine! The site looks and feels a whole lot different now.

Here's why:

Newsvine is a great place to discuss news on the internet, but as it's grown, those discussions have gotten unwieldy. To improve, Newsvine needed a forward-thinking redesign that promoted its good content and strong discussions. The new version makes it easier to share and create good content and continue those strong discussions within the passionate, diverse Newsvine community. Read more about why conversations have changed.

Here's how:


Newsvine now features a brand-new concept called Nations. Nations are a dramatic improvement on the old Newsvine groups and are the core of how you share and discuss content. If you were in groups in the last version of Newsvine, they likely became Nations in this new version. To find, join, and create Nations, click "Nations" in the navigation bar, then "Manage/Find" or read more on Nations. Now, when you read an article, the page will display your Nation discussions first.


Your Nation discussions take precedence over the public discussion. You can begin a discussion with one of your Nations, or you can comment as a visitor in other Nations. If you're publishing or seeding content, you'll want to begin the discussion by commenting in an appropriate Nation. If you don't see an appropriate Nation, create your own!


The Conversation Tracker is now the "Activity" menu. It includes Activity On Your Column, Activity Within Your Discussions, and we've added Activity Within Your Nations. We've also added an "Inbox" menu that includes invitations from other Nations and requests to join your Nations.

Frontpage and Columns

Your frontpage is now populated with content from the Nations you are a member of. You'll also notice right away that most pages – User columns, Nation columns, Tag pages, and the frontpage – have a new, unified look. Visit the "Your Column" help page to learn more about your column.


All of the above links go to Newsvine's new Support section. It features a Knowledge Base full of answers to questions that 'Viners have had. If you can't find the answer, get in touch with staff by starting a discussion.

We hope you like the changes!

We've spent a great deal of time considering, designing, discussing, coding, reiterating, using, testing, and releasing. We hope you like it!

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